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Receiving Container was a collection of radios designed to hear all receivable FM broadcasts in a given area. Individual radios were tuned and adjusted separately to different frequencies, and then routed to one channel which can be monitored directly through headphones. The two recordings bellow were made from this sculpture.

receiving container

Watertown Manhunt

All stations within approx. 1:30-1:40pm
May 3, 2013 Allston, Massachusetts

The Watertown Manhunt recording was made 4/19/2013, during the lockdown period in which police forces searched for the remaining Boston Marathon bombing suspect. It was recorded in Allston, Massachusetts. The audio was recorded live and has undergone no editing. Radio signals are introduced by manually raising the volume on each connected radio receiver.

The later Allston recording was made with all available radio signals included, and then individually faded out.

The original 50-radio sculpture was installed with headphones at the 2013 Leonard Bernstein Festival of the Creative Arts. This work was made possible by the Office of the Arts at Brandeis University.